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During my tour of duty with IBM Research, I had the opportunity to be closely involved in developing network management technologies, like XGMON, for the NSFNET, the core of the Internet from 1988-1993. If you want to see some of the awards I received, annotated images are on my awards page. In more recent years, I helped the IBM Systems and Technology Group with their RSCT product and getting ASC Purple out the door. I then spent a few years writing ultra-low-latency infrastructure (such as price feeds, merge logic with synthetic underlyings) and execution engines for options trading on the ISE, CBOE, Eurex, OSE, SGX, etc.

Some selected photos from trips that I've taken are available on my travel page.

Although I keep a low profile, some external records of a few of my activities inevitably were made.

External Links to Some Past Internet Activities

Since these links are external to this site, over time they may become broken.


RFC 1592: SNMP DPI Version 2

An updated RFC author entry at Network Sorcery

Acknowledgement for contributions to Qt Toolkit

INET99 Paper: Improving the Availability and Performance of Network-Mediated Services

Internet2 Distributed Storage Initiative paper: Increasing the Availability of Internet2 Applications and Services

Internet2 Network Management Working Group membership

Some Published Papers

Local copies of some previously published papers:

NOMS 2000 paper: Remote Management of Narwhal Clients using TEMP

Globecom 99 paper: Enabling the Management of Everything using TEMP

INET99 Paper: Improving the Availability and Performance of Network-Mediated Services

USENIX LISA VI Paper: Concurrent Network Management with a Distributed Management Tool

Papers in Progress

Papers below are either in nearly completed works-in-progress or submitted for consideration for publication. Unlike the papers above, they have not yet successfully completed the process of peer review and competition for selection for presentation at a conference.

Byzantine Fault-Tolerant HTTP Services using FARGOS/VISTA

Notes on Writing High-Performance Code


U.S. Patent 6,748,416 - Client-side method and apparatus for improving the availability and performance of network mediated services. It seems as if another (Narwhal being the first) implementation of the concepts in this patent was realized by OpenFlow.

Prior Products

Generally Available Products

XGMON for AOS 4.3BSD for the PC/RT and various flavors of AIX (AIX 2.2.1 on the PC/RT, AIX PS/2 1.1, AIX/370, AIX 3.x for the RISC System/6000).

SNMP Distributed Program Interface (SNMP DPI, see RFC 1228 and RFC 1592) on VM, MVS, OS/2; dpid for AIX.

SNMP Query Engine for VM, MVS, AIX, OS/2 (developed to enable SNMP support for Netview/390, but was used in conjuction with XGMON to create multi-user management clusters).

DRAGONS, which was developed for the management of the National Research and Education Network (NREN) and selected in 1991 as the real-time component of the Open Software Foundation's Distributed Management Environment (OSF DME).

The system monitor and distributed infrastructure for system management of the 9076 SP1 scalable parallel processor (a DRAGONS-based suite of integrated, transparently distributed applications that monitored and controlled both the physical hardware and operating systems on clusters (originally, populations of 8-128 machines).

Inventions Not Released as Products

Internet Access Cartridge for Nintendo SNES (the equivalent of WebTV using Nintendo's 16-bit SNES, but done before WebTV existed).

Automated, adaptive configuration management of VLANs using genetic algorithms (global optimization of VLAN configuration based on observed traffic patterns).

The Enterprise Management Protocol (TEMP, a replacement for SNMP that is scalable, event-driven, enables automatic discovery and self-describing agents).

Narwhal (a remotely managed (using TEMP) intermediary that provides fault-tolerant, load-balanced access to SOCKS and HTTP proxy-based services).

Some of the original FARGOS source is online.


Scripts for implementing a sandbox-based development infrastructure have been made available for downloading. It supports multiple target architectures for use with cross-compilers and heterogeneous development nodes.

Perhaps this implementation of shared memory variables, used for zero-overhead persistent statistics that can be viewed and modified by external processes, will be released. It does, however, make use of the multithreaded buffer manager that is also used by the low-latency I/O processor.

The Distributed Starship game has been re-enabled on www.fargos.net.


Stuff I Like

Roland V-Drums
Incredible fidelity, perfect for playing one's heart out without bothering the neighbors.
Märklin Trains
Complete digital control, multi-user operation, with sound, lighting and smoke effects. C-track is very realistic and the stainless steel rails are easy to maintain.
Water Rower
Quiet, but soothing workout equipment. Stores upright to take up minimal space, near silent operation permits use late at night without anyone being able to notice.
Delta Machine Tools
Robust, quality shop tools that have lasted for generations.
Bosch Hand Tools
Heavy duty, elegantly designed power tools that last.
Logitech Squeezebox
Awesome, customizable Internet radio and music players.
Ozwald Boateng
My tailor since 1999 when the shop was on Vigo Street. I do seem to be missing my invite to Fashion Week as of late, though.
Volant Trading, LLC
High-performance, low-latency infrastructure for options trading on ISE, CBOE, OSE, SGX, Eurex, NASDAQ, NYSE, ARCA, etc.: execution engines, price feed layer, exchange connectivity, build and test environment, etc.
IBM Systems Technology Group
Enhanced Reliable Scalalable Clustering Technology (RSCT) product for scaling to support ASC Purple: arbitrary-sized messages carried by PRM, add support for Infiniband to ConfigRM, Linux-based TieBreaker using SCSI, HAGS protocol improvements, etc.
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
NSFNET network management (XGMON, DRAGONS); components of the TCP/IP products for VM, MVS, OS/2; SP1 system monitor, etc.
Computing Center, University of Michigan
Dynamic loader, lightweight process library, persistent applications for SunOS.
Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science, NASA Ames Research Center
High-performance math kernels for the Cray-2 supercomputer: multithreaded, vectorized implementations hand-crafted in Cray-2 assembler of key mathematical algorithms (e.g., matrix times a matrix plus a matrix, scalar times a vector, vector times a vector) that exploited the faster, static local memory vs. the dynamic global memory, overlap pipelines of the various functional units to maximize the work performed every clock cycle.
Los Alamos National Lab
Algorithm implementation for hypercubes.
Magnetic Fusion Energy Computer Center at Lawrence Livermore
As above, high-performance math kernels for the Cray-2 supercomputer.
Cravath, Swaine and Moore
Analysis of the object-code of two programs to determine originality.
Various, including Metallic Ladder Manufacturing Corporation
General ledger, inventory control, order entry and invoicing, mailing lists, etc.

More details are available in this downloadable resume.


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