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OIL2 Class Standard.AutomaticIPCMesh

class Standard . AutomaticIPCMesh {
        int32   amIPv6Capable;
        int32   announceInterval;
        oid     announceSocket;
        oid     announceTimer;
        array   contactList;
        any     domainNameArg;
        any     localSecretArg;
        string  multicastAddress;
inherits from Object;


The AutomaticIPCMesh implements a facility that establishes a mesh of interconnected FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environments by multicasting announcement data to the local network. It automatically creates AcceptPeerConnections objects for the supported interfaces on the local host; consequently, manually creating AcceptPeerConnections objects is generally a mutually exclusive usage.



AutomaticIPCMesh:create(string listenAddress, optional string domainName, optional string localSecret, optional int32 interval, optional string multicastAddr)

Method Description

The listenAddress argument to the create method specifies the address upon which a listen should be performed. An AcceptPeerConnections object is created to perform the listen and it is passed the listenAddress. The IPv4 address of "" is given special treatment and will cause a distinct AcceptPeerConnections object to be created for each supported interface on the host. The optional domainName and localSecret arguments are passed through to any AcceptPeerConnections object as-is. The optional interval argument specifies the interval in seconds between announcements to the multicast address used for announcing the presence of the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment daemons. The optional multicastAddr argument can be used to specify an alternate multicast group and port combination than the default.