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OIL2 Class Standard.AcceptPeerConnections

class Standard . AcceptPeerConnections {
        any     boundAddress;
        oid     lObj;
        any     myDomain;
        any     secret;
inherits from Object;


The AcceptPeerConnections class implements a facility for receiving interprocess links between FARGOS/VISTA-based components. It is often used in conjunction with the ConnectToPeer class.



AcceptPeerConnections:create(string listenAddress, optional string domainName, optional string localSecret)

Method Description

The listenAddress argument to the create method specifies the address of the socket upon which a listen should be performed. An AcceptConnection object is created to perform the listen and it is passed the listenAddress.


AcceptPeerConnections:connectionAccepted(oid newConn)

Method Description

The AcceptConnection object associated with an AcceptPeerConnections object sends a connectionAccepted message for each new connection, which provides the object Id of the IOobject (newConn) that represents the newly accepted connection. Upon receiving the connectionAccepted message, a NegotiatePeerConnection object is created and handed the object Id of the new connection.



Method Description

* Returns the address of the listen port to which the IOobject * is bound. See getLocalAddress.