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OIL2 Class Standard.LoadObjectFile

class Standard . LoadObjectFile {
        any     loadResult;
inherits from Object;


The LoadObjectFile class implements the standard interface to the dynamic loader of the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment. Not all operating systems, however, support the prerequisite functionality. On those platforms that do contain appropriate functionality, the environment can be dynamically extended by loading native object code. All FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Enviroments do support the dynamic loading of OIL2 Architectural Neutral Format object code, which can be loaded by the class LoadOIL2File.



LoadObjectFile:create(string objectFileName, optional int32 stayAround)

Method Description

The name of the native object code file to be loaded must be provided as the first argument, objectFileName. A second argument, stayAround is an optional Boolean flag that indicates that the LoadObjectFile object should not delete itself after performing the dynamic load operation.



Method Description

Returns an integer result indicating the status of the dynamic load operation.