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OIL2 Class Standard.HTTPrequest

class Standard . HTTPrequest {
        int32   bytesIn;
        oid     clientObj;
        int32   clientWaiting;
        oid     connObj;
        int32   eofEncountered;
        any     parsedData;
        any     response;
inherits from Object;


The class HTTPrequest is a convenience class that performs various HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616) requests.



HTTPrequest:initialize(string operation, string url, string host, string port, optional oid client, optional string contentType, optional any dataToPut, optional any extraHeaders)

Method Description

When the result of the request is available, the client is sent a dataRead message and passed the parsed result of the response. If unsuccessful, this will be nil; otherwise it is a three-element array. Subscript 0 will be the MIME header; subscript 1 will contain the entity body; subscript 2 will be the initial HTTP response status header.