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OIL2 Class Standard.HTTPreplicaStateVariable

class Standard . HTTPreplicaStateVariable {
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from Object;


The class HTTPreplicaStateVariable is intended to be used as a convenient base class for applications that support Byzantine fault-tolerant transactions.



HTTPreplicaStateVariable:noteServerName(string serverName)

Method Description

Sets the name of the web site with which this variable is associated.

Return Value

Returns the object Id of the site's URLdirectory; nil is returned if the specified site does not exist.


HTTPreplicaStateVariable:loadAndRegister(string page, string host, string fullName, assoc substitutions)

Method Description

The simple path name must be passed as page. Normally, this will reference an HTML file (e.g., "fileName.html", "/dir1/dir2/file3.html") that can be retrieved from the local filesystem. The originally requested complete path (which includes any query options) is passed fullName. This will normally include reference to a logical transaction session (e.g., "/transactions/sessions/a638db13/proxy?page=page1.html"). The URLdirectory lookup routines give precedence to qualifed path name, so a lookup for previously cached page identified by fullName is performed first. If no such page has been cached, a new one is dynamically generated using the source resource identified by page and the result is registered with the URLdirectory object as fullName. The class HTTPreplacedText is used to dynamically generate the new page contents and the substitutions variables will be provided to the HTTP_SSIprocessor.

Return Value

The object Id of an HTTPcachedObject (or allomorphic equivalent) that holds the loaded page is returned upon successful processing. If the page could be loaded, then nil is returned.


HTTPreplicaStateVariable:collapseForm(array data)

Method Description

Collapses a dense array of attribute/value pairs into a single associative array. If there are duplicate keys, the last duplicate will take precedence.

Return Value

An associative array holding the condensed attribute/value pairs.


HTTPreplicaStateVariable:processResult(int32 transactionID, int32 clientTransID, array requestData, assoc options, array uriInfo, assoc formData, assoc substitutionList)

Method Description

The processResult method completes processing of a request and loads the next page.

Return Value

The name of the new page is returned.