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OIL2 Class Standard.HTTPdisplayObject

class Standard . HTTPdisplayObject {
        oid     browserObj;
        oid     dataObj;
        string  errMess;
        string  menuBar;
        string  owner;
        string  pageName;
        string  parentName;
        oid     sleepingThread;
        oid     timerObj;
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from HTTPcachedObject;


The HTTPdisplayObject class dynamically creates an HTML page that represents the current state of an object's instance variables. Objects of this class are created as needed by an HTTPobjectBrowser.



HTTPdisplayObject:create(oid urlDir, string sessionName, oid browser, string name, oid obj)

Method Description

The create method takes 5 arguments:

The target object's instance variables are retrieved and formatted as needed by the formatObject method.


HTTPdisplayObject:getRequest(array requestData, assoc options, string replyMethod, oid replyDest)

Method Description

Process an HTTP GET request and return the formatted display of the target object's current state.


HTTPdisplayObject:formatObject(oid obj)

Method Description

The formatObject method invokes describeInstanceVariables and extractInstanceVariables methods on the object specified as obj.

Return Value

An HTML document is returned in a string that represents the formatted display of the object's instance variables.