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OIL2 Class Standard.ForwardReply

class Standard . ForwardReply {
        string  forwardAsMethodName;
        oid     forwardToObj;
inherits from Object;


When developing fault-tolerant services, programmers sometimes need to be sensitive to the possibility of a failure occurring in the middle of an RPC-style method invocation because this could cause an application to block indefinitely waiting for a response from a failed server. The ForwardReply class can be used to conveniently intercept and redirect reply messages, thus enabling RPC-style method invocations to be converted into an event-driven dialogue.



ForwardReply:create(string fwdMethodName, oid fwdToObj)

Method Description

Any reply messages will be forwarded to the object indicated by fwdToObj. The method name indicated by fwdMethodName will be used instead of reply. The usage is demonstrated below:

    replyObj = send "createObject"("ForwardReply", acl, "response",
        thisObject) to ObjectCreator;
    send "request"(args) from replyObj;
    // The reply will be received by the "response" method.