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OIL2 Class Standard.EstablishConnection

class Standard . EstablishConnection {
        oid     client;
        string  destination;
        oid     ioObj;
        assoc   ioObjACL;
inherits from Object;


The EstablishConnection class implements a convenient facility that attempts to establish a connection to a remote network service. When the result of the connection attempt is known, the client is sent either a connectionEstablished or connectionAttemptFailed message. The connectionEstablished message includes as its single argument the object Id of the IOobject representing the newly established connection.



EstablishConnection:create(string dest, oid notify, optional assoc aclForIO)

Method Description

The create method takes two mandatory arguments:



Method Description

The attemptNewConnection method can be used to re-establish a connection to the destination that was set at the time the object was created. This method takes no arguments and does not return a value.