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OIL2 Class Standard.CreateReplicaHTTPsession

class Standard . CreateReplicaHTTPsession {
        assoc   activeSessions;
        string  hostNameHash;
        string  pageName;
        string  serverName;
        string  serverPoolName;
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from HTTPcreateApplicationSession;


The CreateReplicaHTTPsession class implements a service that integrates with the HTTP application (see HTTPdaemon). It provides a means to create new Byzantine fault-tolerant transaction sessions.



CreateReplicaHTTPsession:create(string servName, optional any proxyClassName, optional string servPoolName, optional string logicalPageName)

Method Description

The first argument is a string that specifies the name of the web site to which this service should be attached. It is mandatory; the remaining arguments are optional. The proxyClassName argument specifies the name of the class which implements a proxy for the remote client application. If not specified, it defaults to HTTPreplicaClientProxy. The third argument specifies the name of the server pool across which each Byzantine fault-tolerant transaction will be performed. If not specified, the default pool is used.



CreateReplicaHTTPsession:getRequest(array requestData, assoc options, string replyMethod, oid replyDest)

Method Description

Overrides HTTPcreateApplicationSession:getRequest to perform additional validation checks and invoke POST HTTP method against session object. Normally, a new ReplicaHTTPsession object is created to handle a new browsing session; however, if the user's browser supports cookies and returns an Id corresponding to a still active session, the pre-existing session will be accessed.