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OIL2 Class Standard.ClassLocator

class Standard . ClassLocator {
        oid     anfProfile;
        oid     dllProfile;
inherits from Object;


The ClassLocator class provides class location services on behalf of the AutomaticClassLoader service. It is not intended for direct use, but instead is created by a AutomaticClassLoader object.

Currently, two ParseParameterFile profiles are processed by a ClassLocator object. The file $VISTA_ROOT/oil2anf/anfClasses.profile specifies available classes implemented as OIL2 Architecture Neutral Format object files. The profile $VISTA_ROOT/oil2anf/anfClasses.profile can be automatically generated by the utility MakeOIL2ANFprofile. The file $VISTA_ROOT/$VISTA_UNAME/dynamic/dllClasses.profile specifies available classes implemented as native dynamically loaded libraries.



ClassLocator:findAndLoadClass(string nameSpace, string className, int32 version)

Method Description

The indicated class implementation will be located and dynamically loaded. Note: OIL2 ANF files and native object code is supported.

Return Value

If successful, a value of 0 will be returned.