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OIL2 Class Local.HTTPuserAdmin

class Local . HTTPuserAdmin {
        assoc   dbFileName;
        string  nextPageOnFailure;
        string  nextPageOnSuccess;
        string  pageName;
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from Object;


The class HTTPuserAdmin implements a service that processes user authorization requests. It registers itself with a URLdirectory object and accepts POST requests that request the addition, deletion and alteration of user passwords.



HTTPuserAdmin:create(string serverName, string page, string successPage, string failPage, string root1, string passwdDB1, optional string root2, optional string passwdDB2)

Method Description

The HTTPuserAdmin service requires a minimum of 6 arguments. The first four are:

Subsequent arguments appear in pairs. The first element identifies a path within the web server's document tree. The second element identifies a file on the local system which contains the password database for the indicated section of the document tree.