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OIL2 Class Experimental.WSDLtoOIL2

class Experimental . WSDLtoOIL2 {
        assoc   bindingDefs;
        string  className;
        assoc   messageDefs;
        string  outputFileSpec;
        assoc   portTypeDefs;
        assoc   typeDefs;
        string  wsdlDoc;
inherits from Experimental.XMLsupport;


Compiles a Web Services Description Language file into an OIL2 source file. The resulting class implements methods for accessing SOAP-based services.



WSDLtoOIL2:create(string sourceFile, optional string outFileName)

Method Description

The sourceFile argument identifies the source of the Web Services Description File. It is passed to an IOobject; however, if no scheme is specified, a "file:" prefix is added. If a "file:" scheme is used, a ",r" suffix will be added if needed. The optional outFileName can be used to specify the output file. If not provide, a default file name will be derived from the name of the service by adding a "cl" prefix and a ".oil" suffix.

After processing the source file, a WSDLtoOIL2 object automatically deletes itself.