Request a License

The functionality of several products that are offered by FARGOS Development, LLC are controlled by a license that is evaluated at runtime. Unlike many license enforcement schemes, a FARGOS/VISTA™ license does not require the installation of a special licensing server (and thus, depend on its correct operation, which could create a single point of failure). The FARGOS/VISTA Software Development Kit that is available from the download page contains a default generic license, which eventually expires and does not enable unrestricted functionality. The FARGOS/SolidState™ demonstration also uses a similar license.

Why Obtain a License?

While architecture-neutral object code can be used, many software developers will want the ability to create custom executables or generate native object code that can be dynamically loaded. Most sites will want to support an interconnected peer-to-peer mesh of more than two FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment processes.

Individuals affiliated with accredited educational institutions can request a license at no cost.

The license request form is split into sections: billing contact information and license features.

Billing Contact Information

Provide below the contact information that is to be associated with the license:

License Features

Select the features you desire from the list below. Default values, which are believed to be appropriate for a single developer, are provided for many fields; however, they may not be suitable for a given individual and undoubtedly required modification to meet the needs of an organization.

User name Any user
Single User
If for a single user on a host, specify the login name; otherwise, specify the total number of users on the host.
Host name Site license for any host in a domain
Host-specific license
Enter the host or domain name to which the license will be restricted.
Native Object Code Enable support Select support for native object code if the ability to create custom executables using native object code is desired.
Peer Limit Maximum number of interconnected peers The peer limit sets the maximum size of the interconnected peer-to-peer mesh. Site licenses should include all of the hosts within the site plus any external connections.
Duration Years valid Total years valid; upgrades to new releases are free while a license is valid.

Estimated cost:

Any license-related questions or elaborations regarding your particular needs can be provided below:

The Next Step

After submission, each license request will be reviewed by a human. If any further clarification is required, it will be sent to the email address that was specified. When all is in order, a temporary license will be sent as an attachment in a MIME-encoded email message along with an invoice. This permits verification that the license functions as expected prior to payment. Upon successful receipt of payment, the real license will be sent. Although clearly backups are important, customers who lose a license file can request that a copy be resent at no charge.