Installing the FARGOS/VISTA™ Software Development Kit on MacOS

The installation package for the FARGOS/VISTA™ Software Development Kit on MacOS is configured to be unpacked under /opt/FARGOSvista by default. Due to the extreme restrictions of the MacOS installer, it is not trivial to have the package installed in an arbitrary location while running the installer, despite the package not having any inherent restrictions.

One approach is to install under the user's home directory, which will result in the package appearing in ~/opt/FARGOSvista and it will not be registered with the package database.

After the files are unpacked, to get the content in a specific location, one can do something similar to:

  mv ~/opt/FARGOSvista ${desiredDestinationDirectory}

  rmdir ~/opt

If you are maintaining a central image on a fileserver alongside releases for other platforms, only the content under FARGOSvista/Darwin.x86_64 need be copied as the remaining files are common to all supported platforms.