New Features

FARGOS Development's products benefit from continuous on-going development efforts. Some of the new capabilities that are will be generally available in the next release are described below.


FARGOS/VISTA provides the infrastructure for almost all of our products. Consequently, the addition of new functionality to FARGOS/VISTA results in new capabilities for all FARGOS/VISTA-based applications.

FARGOS/VISTA version 8.1 (release August 31, 2019) included the following features:

Standards Conformation
C++ source brought up to the C++-17 standard.
Explicit Unsigned Integer Types
OIL2 and the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment now recognize uint8, uint16, uint32 and uint64 as integer types.
OIL2 Can Be Used for Scripting
With the aid of the new oil2script binary, scripts can be written using OIL2 to use the facilities of a FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Enviroment.
Profiling Variables Now Exposed as Shared Memory Variables
FARGOS Development's shared memory variable technology was integrated and the OMEprofileCounter class now makes use of it.
High-Performance Multi-Threaded Logging API
FARGOS Development's high-performance multi-threaded logging API was integrated and most error messages now provide complete attribution as to their origin.

Planned for Next Release