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FARGOS Development, LLC's primary activities are centered on the development and deployment of distributed systems and they frequently have an emphasis on providing fault-tolerance.


Most of FARGOS Development's offerings utilize FARGOS/VISTA™, a technology that embraces environments of networked computers. FARGOS/VISTA creates a transparently distributed, object-oriented environment in which every item of data is accessible from any host, regardless of CPU architecture, operating system or underlying transport protocol. Applications can move from one host to another, taking advantage of idle CPU cycles or escaping from machines being taken down for maintenance. In the typical deployment scenario, multiple applications reside within the same FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment address space. A live illustration of this point can be seen using the Object Browser application that is integrated with the HTTP server that is available inside each FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment.

Beyond its unique capabilities, programmers that utilize FARGOS/VISTA to build their applications typically enjoy a 6-to-10-fold improvement in productivity. The productivity improvements are obtained through a variety of means. An important, yet arguably, the least interesting, means is by reusing the large amount of functionality present in the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment core. A list of available class documentation is available through this link. A more complete description of the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment's capabilities is available by downloading the "FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment Programmer's Reference".

Applications can either be compiled to the native object code of a particular CPU and operating system combination or else deployed using an architecture-neutral object code (OIL2 ANF) that is understood by all platforms that are supported by FARGOS/VISTA. One benefit of exploiting this route is that a programmer having only a Microsoft Windows-based machine can develop FARGOS/VISTA-based applications and create object code that runs on Linux and other operating systems and hardware platforms.

FARGOS Development makes the FARGOS/VISTA Software Development Kit available and anyone interested is cordially invited to visit the download page and retrieve a copy of the FARGOS/VISTA Software Development Kit for their computer along with the corresponding reference manuals. The only prerequisite is a text editor.

Other Technologies

Non-programmers may find other FARGOS product offerings compelling. Do you need a robust web server? As a result of using the HTTP server available in every FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment, this site (www.fargos.net), and others have obtained reliable operation and correctly withstood numerous attacks.

For example, FARGOS/SolidState™, implements Byzantine fault-tolerant transaction support. We have an adapter that allows an HTTP server to exploit this industry-unique technology. Web sites never need lose another transaction because of a failure in their site! A stand-alone demonstration of FARGOS/SolidState using the illustration of an e-commerce shopping cart is included in the downloadable FARGOS/VISTA Software Development Kit.


FARGOS Development, LLC's technical staff have decades of experience with the design and implemention of complex software systems for firms both small and massive. Organizations that need help building applications can retain the services of our staff.

Check out the Distributed StarShip simulation! The version 3.6 release of the FARGOS/VISTA Software Development Kit added the application and enabled both local and distributed use of the simulation. Also, fargos.net hosts an on-going game.

Red Alert warning Thumbnail of a portion of a Starship game screen